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If you want to know more about why you received an email from us, keep reading.

Why Did I Get a Strange Email
From Your Company?

There Are a Few Possibilities

Affiliate Offer

We Market for Third Parties

Companies utilize our services to provide online marketing for their service or product.  You clicked on an ad for one of these offers and entered your email to view more information.

Free Information Offer

You Downloaded a Guide

We offered you a free guide or checklist on our website.  This normally requires you to enter an email address so we can send you the download link for the guide.

Customer Application

You Used An App We Built

Customers utilize our email systems to send out emails from their web or mobile application.  Normally they use their own emails, but sometimes in testing they use our email addresses.

If You Don't Want Any More Emails, That's OK!

We understand and take every effort to make sure nobody is receiving emails they don't want.  If you want out, click the unsubscribe link to the right and we'll take care of the rest.  We give you options on whether you want to unsubscribe from everything or just certain things.

Rules We Follow for Email

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Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation

Canada has specific regulations in regards to sending of unsolicited emails.

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United States CAN-SPAM Act

As we deal with customers across the border, we adhere to the US regulations on unsolicited email as well. 

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Privacy Policy

Our company adheres to the privacy policy set out by our company and by our clients.  This document is reviewed and updated regularly.

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Does Your Business Comply?

We provide consultations for groups utilizing online and email marketing services to ensure their campaigns are compliant with CASL and CAN-SPAM.  Click the button below to learn more.

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